Jessica Rönn

Kaani Crew • Sabar Sabar Rekk • Jamm Rekk

Dancer • Choreographer • Dance teacher
Professional Makeup Artist

Jessica Rönn is working continuously and actively in Malmö as a freelance dancer and teacher mainly in the style Dancehall. She have regular classes several times a week.  Jessica is also the founder of the Westafrican dance group Sabar Sabar Rekk (www.sabarsabarrekk.com) together with Mor Sabar Rekk, since 2016.

Dance classes 2021

Mondays 15.40-17.40 – Dancehall, MariJazz, Höllviken read more here

Tuesdays 18.55-20.55 – Dancehall, MariJazz, Höllviken read more here

Wednesdays 17.45-19.15 – Dancehall, Danscentrum Syd, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö

Fridays 16.00-19.00 –  Dancehall, Attitude 69 Dancestudio, Ystadvägen 10
Eslöv, Read more here


2013-2021 – Classes in Dancehall, African dance, Hiphop, House, Malmö and Copenhagen

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 – Individual classes and workshops, and private classes in Westafrican dance Sabar, Dakar, Senegal

2012-2013 Hotstepper hip hop- and urban dance education, Copenhagen, https://www.hotstepper.dk

1997-2012 Classes in jazz, hip hop and African dance, Studio Danza, Ystad

Foreign experience

2016-2020 – African Ndiguel Group, Modou Ngom, Assane Thiame, Galaye Goudiaby, Fatou Ware, Dakar, Senegal – classes and private classes in Sabar, djembe and african contemporary dance.

2015 – DanceJA and Dance Xpressionz, Kingston, Jamaica – classes in Dancehall and Jamaican traditional folk dance

2012, 2013  Broadway Dance Center, New York – classes in jazz and hip hop. Debbie Reynolds, LA, classes in hiphop

2012 Pineapple Dance Studios, Studio 68, London – classes in hip hop, contemporary and house

2011 and 2012 Dakar, Senegal – privateclasses in West African dance Sabar


Fatou Ware (Senegal), Craig Black Eagle (Jamaica), Kimiko Versatile (Jamaica), Latonya Style (Jamaica), Blacka Di Danca (US), Riffical Team (Jamaica), Elite Team (Jamaica), Shelly Xpression, Orville Xpression (Jamaica), Shellybelly (Jamaica), Mor Ngom (Senegal), Modou Ngom (Senegal), Amalie Zaar – Vuvuzela Crew (Denmark), Serial Stepperz (France), Physs – Serial Stepperz (France), Pan Pan Narkprasert (Thailand), B-boy Catatau – Tsunami Allstars (Brazil), Kumari Suraj (USA), Phillip Pacman Chbeeb (USA), B-boy Neguin -Tsunami Allstars (Brazil),  Archie (USA), Professor Lock Johnson (USA) and others.

Work Experience

2016-2020 – Dance teacher in Dancehall, Attitude 69 Dancestudio, MariJazz, Sweden

2016-2020 – Organizer of Sabar Dance Camp in Senegal, Sabar Sabar Rekk, Senegal

2015 – Dance teacher in Dancehall, Vuvuzela Dance Community, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015-2020 – Freelancing dance teacher

2013- 2014 Dance teacher in hip hop and dancehall, Dansstudion Nr1, Malmö, Sweden, Malmö Dansakademi, Malmö, Sweden, and Danseplaneten, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010-2012 Dance teacher hip hop, streetjazz, Arnbergs Dansstudio, Malmö and Dance Fun, Simrishamn, Sweden

2011-2012 Dance teacher hip hop, African dance, Studio Danza, Ystad and Ystad Saltsjöbad, Ystad, Sweden

2012 Workshop in hip hop, Dakar, Senegal

Jessica Rönn was three years old when her mom put her in the first ballet class and since then her interest for dance has continued to develop through the years. When she was seven years old she started to dance jazz ballet and at the age of ten her interest for hip hop grew strong. Later on she also raised interest for other styles like African dance, dancehall and contemporary.

Jessica has many years of experience in the learning of dance, but she has also been very observant when it comes to the many different teaching techniques. This has given her the opportunity to substitute for her teachers, which led to several jobs as a dance teacher.

In August 2012 Jessica started at Hotstepper one year hip hop and urban dance education, Copenhagen, which she finished June 2013. This, in order to develop further, and also to really understand the foundations and get the knowledge of her lifelong passion.

Jessicas dance portfolio consists of foundations in jazz and all styles of hip hop, and her latest focus has been on dancehall and african dance. She has now been teaching for over seven years, primarily hip hop and dancehall, to a wide range of ages. As a teacher, she has been recognized and appreciated for her good teaching skills, positive energy, dedication to her classes and unique sense of creativity.

Professional Makeup Artist Education

Makeupstudion Education, Malmö, Sweden, 2009